The Staff of The Lion's Roar


Mona Baloch (Class of 2017)

Managing Editor

Andrea Lirio (Class of 2017), Carina Ramos (Class of 2018), Noah Shelton (Class of 2017)

Senior News Editors

Michelle Cheng (Class of 2018), Jake Rong (Class of 2017), Kimia Tabatabaei (Class of 2018)

Senior Features Editors

Aviva Gershman (Class of 2019), Celine Yung (Class of 2018)

Senior Opinions Editors

Cassandra Luca (Class of 2017), Clare Martin (Class of 2017)

Senior Centerfold Editors

Emily Belt (Class of 2018), Sophie Lu (Class of 2018)

Senior Sports Editors

Catharine Granfield (Class of 2019), Cameron Miller (Class of 2018), Thomas Patti (Class of 2018)

Business Manager

Nikolas Lazar (Class of 2017), Timmy Leong (Class of 2017)

Distribution Manager

Suzie Na (Class of 2017)


Katie Collins (Class of 2017)

Graphics Managers

Karina Aguilar (Class of 2017), Josh Finkle (Class of 2018)


Faculty Advisors

Ashley Elpern, Ryan Normandin

Photo Managers

Bailey Kroner (Class of 2017), Kiana Lee (Class of 2017)